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Niton XRF Metal (Ti-Bi)

The Thermo Scientific Niton x-ray tube-based x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer with various product technology is purpose-built for your most demanding applications. Where low detection limits and high sample throughput are critical, our combination of hardware, software, features, and direct industry experience are combined to provide you with a solution to your most difficult analytical requirements.


Superior light element detection (Mg, Al, Si, P, S) without helium purge or vacuum

High count rate for lower detection limits and faster analysis

True lab-quality performance in a handheld instrument, including tramp/trace elements

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Niton XL-2 Plus Analyser – Metal Alloy (Mg-U)

When durability, performance and productivity are top of mind, industrial businesses rely on the Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL2 Plus handheld XRF analyzer. Offering superior analysis and enhanced robustness, the Niton XL2 Plus is built for the way you work. Founded on a reputation of dependability and reliability, you can count on the Niton Xl2 Plus for years to come.

  • Verification of metals and alloys in manufacturing
  • Quality Assurance testing for positive material identification
  • Point-and-shoot sorting at scrap recycling operations
  • Coating thickness measurements from single element layers
  • Precious metal assay of bullion and jewelry
  • Geochemical analysis for ore trading and grade control
  • On-site heavy metal screening of polluted soils
  • Lead in paint inspection of industrial facilities
  • Screening of hazardous substances in consumer goods
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Niton Apollo LIBS Analyser – Carbon

When carbon detection and mobility are top of mind, industrial businesses rely on the Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ Apollo™handheld LIBS analyzer. Leveraging Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), the Niton Apollo delivers superior performance and enhanced productivity. Part of the industry leading family of Niton products, the Niton Apollo offers unmatched speed, performance and portability. Unleash the possibilities and bring the power of lab analysis to the field.

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Oil Condition Monitoring System

OQSx-G2 Real Time Oil Condition Analysis Sensor. Real-time continuous oil condition analysis with integrated intelligent equipment maintenance optimisation analytics. Detects and measures. Easy to install, the OQSx-G2 continually analyses oil in real-time whilst equipment is in operation and provides an accurate statement of oil condition. Any wear or contamination is instantly detected, measured to an accuracy of 0.001%, and reported. More info pls see catalogue.

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Ground Water Level Meter

Rugged troll 100 and 200 data loggers are designed for long- and short-term groundwater and surface water monitoring. These non-vented (absolute) water level data loggers measure and record changes in water level, pressure, and temperature. Ensure accurate results by using a rugged barotroll® data logger. All loggers are compatible with the user-friendly vusitu™ mobile app and win-situ® pc software. Use in harsh environments. Solid titanium construction offers chemical- and corrosion-resistance and outlasts specially-coated data loggers.

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Analytical / Moisture Balance

• We offer a comprehensive product lineup from analytical balances and top-loading balances to moisture analyzers and static removers (ionizers), along with a variety of accessories and software options to cover all your analytical workflows.

• The response time for trace measurements (from 1 mg) is reduced to about 2 seconds. This significantly improves weighing efficiency.

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Conductivity DO / PH Meter

T-711L-Lab conductivity meter, measure the conductivity of common water solutions, especially widely used in the areas of education and scientific research.

T-711H-High precision conductivity meter. Suitable for high precision conductivity measurement in Scientific research, quality control, bio-technology, and fine chemistry industry.

T-711P-High purity water conductivity meter. Measure the conductivity of reverse osmosis water, distilled water and in high water purify in power plants, microelectronics & pharma.

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Ambient Air Mercury Monitor

Mercury Analyzer is a portable multifunctional atomic absorption spectrometer with Zeeman background correction, which eliminates the effect of interfering impurities. It is the only high sensitivity and selectivity instrument that does not require gold amalgam preconcentration and subsequent regeneration steps. This enables the user to conduct real time air monitoring and detection of mercury vapor. Being combined with pyrolysis or cold vapour attachments for liquid and solid sample testing, the instrument can determine mercury content in water, soil, food products, natural and stack gases, may be used for dental and toxicological applications, etc.

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UV - Vis Spectrophotometer

Display: 7-inch touch screen Optical: UV/Vis Single/Double beamSpectral bandwidth: 2nmWavelength accuracy: ±0.3nmPhotometric range: 0-200%T, -3~3A, 0-9999CStray light: ≤ 0.03%T@220nm, 360nmBaseline flatness: ±0.003AWorking mode: T, A, C, ELight source: Tungsten Halogen/Deuterium lamps Packing size&weight: 77*63*34CM, 27KG Photometry, Quantitative test, Kinetics measurement, Wavelength scanning, Multi-wavelength test &. DNA/Protein test. More info pls see catalogue.

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pH/DO Meter

Precise measurements of pH/DO in fields of biotechnology, aquaculture, power plant and environmental protection, and also more widely used in areas of education and scientific research. 6.5 inch LCD screen which is intuitive and can show more parameters. Humanized design of operating interface makes operations simpler. Measuring Range: (-2.00 ~ 18.00) pH Resolution : 0.1/0.01pH Accuracy : ±0.02pH more info pls see the catalogue.

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Portable/BenchtopTurbidity Meter

Main Features

• 4.3 inch color LCD screen with friendly UI makes operations easy. • Big storage space and support USB storage and data transfer to USB drive. • There are three standard piecewise curves in the system. Customers can create up to 200 piecewise curves subject to different concentrations which will literally improve measurement precision. • Adopt ARM9 main control chip which makes operations easy and smooth, instrument respond quickly. • Adopt advanced power management system, can show the battery status in real time and be charged via USB port on PC or vehicle which is very convenient for customers.

Adopt special and high precision light filter system to ensure the instrument’s stability and measurement precision.

Cold light source, narrowband interference, with long lifetime up to 100,000 hours.