RoboticAccess™ is designed as a flexible and multitasking program for controlling the Skalar robotic analyzers. While analyzing the samples, already obtained results are processed and new analyses can be prepared and scheduled. An access code and password are required before operation to prevent unauthorized operation and data modification.

The application files, which contain the instructions for the analyzers to perform the specifications, are pre-set in the software by Skalar, according to (inter) national regulations or can be in accordance with user defined requirements.

Runs can be easily started by selecting the required application and simply creating a user defined sample table by dragging the racks to the analyzer. When the sample table is completed and the analysis sequence is defined, the run can be started or scheduled for another start time. All applications can be programmed to be analyzed. The status of the running analysis can be followed on the screen and the results are displayed in real-time. During the run it is possible to add priority samples or exclude samples from measurement.


Results can be printed in user defined print reports and exported to a txt, excel or LIMS. Finished runs can be archived as well as backed up and restored later.

Integrated Quality Control features assure accurate results and full compliance with required regulations. QC samples can be analyzed and Quality Control charts together with other valuable statistical information can be created. Also CLP protocols can be included, which allow automatic actions of the Robot analyzer itself if QC and CLP limits are exceeded. This guarantees the production of highly accurate results and automatic quality control on the Robotic analyzer’s performance.