Inhalable Fraction     


All sampling heads are designed for use with a controlled rate of air provided by a personal sampling pump. Sampling media are placed inside the heads directly, or via a small internal cassette and the sample is weighed gravimetrically afterwards. Inhalable sampling heads collect a particle size distribution of 100 microns and smaller that may be suspended in the air.

Respirable Fraction


A variety of sampling heads including Conical inhalable sampler (CIS), Plastic Cyclone for respirable dust (Dewell Higgins), Nylon respirable cyclone (10mm) Dorr Oliver style besides cassettes & PUFs for PM10 & PM 2.5.

Other Sampling Heads


A range of sampling heads are available for specific sampling protocols viz. Swinnex sampling head for rosin/welding fumes with tubing, Filter head for lead sampling (single hole), Aluminum asbestos sampling head with cowl etc.Top of Form

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