Blank sampling Cassettes


Blank Sampling Cassette Housings, 25 mm and 37 mm

Sampling cassettes are a convenient way of taking air samples as the filter media are protected and the cassette also doubles up as a transportation device when the sample is sent to the laboratory for analysis. Some cassettes are supplied pre-loaded with filters. Sizes available include the popular 25 mm and 37 mm for personal sampling but other sizes such as 47 mm are also available for more specialized area measurements.

Matched Weighed Filter Cassettes

Each cassette contains 2 filters which are matched in weight. The difference in weight of the two filters will determine the sample amount collected during the measurement.

Preloaded Cassette Housings, 25 mm and 37 mm

Preloaded Cassette Housings 25 mm and 37 mm sizes with 2 or 3 filters of either MCE Or PVC/Polycarbonate or PTFE.

Preweighed Filter Cassettes

With pre-weighed PVC Filters of 37 mm 2/3 pieces

Sampling Cassette Accessories

A range of accessories are available to use with the popular sampling cassettes. Choose the right diameter to suit the size of the filter to be used in the sampling procedure like Cellulose filter support pads (25mm), Cellulose filter support pads (37mm), Porous plastic filter support pads (25/37mm), Cassette Sample ID Labels, Clear cellulose shrink bands 37mm,Cassette opener etc