Robotic pH / EC / Titrations / Turbidity / Color / ISE


The Skalar Robotic Analyzers can handle the automation of pH, conductivity, titrations, turbidity and color combined into one system for sequential or simultaneous analysis. Custom-made configurations are available to meet the requirements of any laboratory. These include the choice of various applications, the running sequence and the integration of a variety of sample racks and sample beakers.

When the system is configured for the analysis of drinking water, pH, EC, Alkalinity and Turbidity, it can be user-defined whether the applications are required to run simultaneously or sequentially. The system also allows the selection of the analysis performed on each individual sample.


There is a special configuration of theĀ  SP2000 platform for pH measurement in well plates. The manipulator carries two separate special pH electrodes for simultaneous pH measurement of two different samples. The analyzer has a sample capacity of up to 768 samples per batch, distributed over eight 96-well-plates.

Depending on the application, calibration of the instrumentation can be performed automatically to ensure an accurate performance. Quality control checks and standards can be placed in between samples and probes can be re-calibrated automatically.