Redox Titrator

The EasyOx Titrator speeds up and simplifies automated reduction and oxidation (redox) titrations. The simple ‘App’ style user interface reduces training time while increasing work speed and simplicity. iTitrate Intelligence’s guided set-up assists in method programming to ensure samples are tested consistently, regardless of operator, and with minimal effort. Eliminate manual calculations and documentation with a printer or EasyDirect™ Titration PC Software.


Easy Redox Titrations

Everything you need for inflection-point Redox titrations. This versatile titrator has a platinum ring redox-sensing electrode making it the ideal instrument to meet the needs of food, beverage, galvanic and even environmental analyses.

The Easy Ox Titrator’s platinum ring electrode makes it ideal for the following applications and many more:

  • Vitamin C determination in food and beverages.
  • Peroxide value of cooking oils.
  • Reducing sugar content in wines and juices.
  • Hydrogen peroxide content of cleaning and plating solutions.