On line analyzer for nitrogen and phosphorus


monitoring in surface and waste water

Micromac C TN&TP is designed to analyze Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus in the same device; UV digestion is applied for Total N, UV and high temperature digestion for Total P.The measurement is performed in a combined mode, ensuring one hour of measurement for both parameters; 4-20 mA  data output is provided at the same time.

Features and benefits

TN&TP measured in the same device

One hour analysis time for both parameters

Fully automatic operation

Long autonomy; low maintenance and operating cost

Low reagents consumption

Easy operation; plug in analyzer, no special training is required

Electronics and hydraulics separated

Serial interface for local or remote PC connection

The results of the analysis are displayed in the same moment, after 1 hour.

Technical specification

Total N    Total P
Measuring principle Colorimetric,

UV digestion+UV reduction

to NO3


acidic hydrolosis

and UV digestion

Measuring range 0-5/10/20/50

mg/l as N


mg/l as P