Compressed Air Microbial sampler




Manufactured by Ultra Vision Techno Link- a group company of Multitech Enviro Analytical LLP

How Does Ultra Super Works:

Compressed air source should be connected to the “Ultra Super” system.


The flow meter is regulated at the correct volume(e.g.: 100  ltrs of air/minute for Ultra Super ): 1000 litres of air will impact in ten minutes the agar nutrient medium of a Contact Plate (or Petri dish).The Contact plate (or Petri dish) is then incubated and the CFU counted.

Remove the agar plate, record the sample parameters, incubate the media at suitable temperature for the prerequisite period of time and record the cfu value






Working Flow Diagram


  • Self-contained Unit exists of connections, Air Rota Meter to Control the Required Flow, Pressure Gauge to Control the Pressure of the Flow, Manifold for the Air.
  • Unit doesn’t require any Power Supply because it is Mechanically Operated Device.
  • It Can Collect air Samples either on RODAC plates or Standard 90mm Petri Dishes.
  • It is Autoclavable.
  • It Is Calibrated according to International Standard.
  • IQ, OQ, PQ documentation Available.
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP Available).
  • Application Notes available.
  • No Electric or Electronic parts.

Guideline Compliance

  • Test Method for verifying presence of viable micro-organisms by partial flow sampling as per the ISO 8573-7.

The method for verifying the presence of viable micro-organisms is to expose an agar nutrient to the compressed air sample. A quantitative assessment may be made by the method given in Annex B. See Annex D for details on the preparation of an agar plate with a culturable media. For partial-flow sampling, a slit-sampler, a type of impaction air tester (see Figure 1), shall be used together with the method given in ISO 8573-4. Isokinetic sampling of the air shall be carried out and reduced until it is within the range of the sampler as identified by the manufacturer. Pressure reduction to atmospheric conditions and flow measurements shall be performed in order to establish compatibility with the Manufacturer’s recommendations or in accordance with ISO 8573-4. Where the flow is known, the time for the exposure of the agar media to the compressed air sample shall be recorded.


Slit Sampler Method