Light Meter

The Casella Digital Light Meters are ideal tools for an industrial engineer or any user who needs to ascertain the intensity of ambient light levels. These small and easily operated meters give reliable readings of the maximum and minimum levels with a simple hold button to capture readings of interest on the large digital display. Light is measured across the whole visible spectrum range and produces a display in either Lux or foot candle units as selected. The instruments comply with JISC1609:1993 and CNS5119 general A class specifications.



Ambient light measurements in warehouses, factories, office buildings, restaurants, schools, libraries, hospitals, parking garages, museums, art galleries, sports stadiums. Monitor for photographic or video performance requirements and measurements for safety and security in potentially dangerous locations. The sensor is cosine angular corrected for optimum performance and response.

Key features of Casella CEL Light Meters

  • Light measurements in Lux or foot candle units
  • Measurements from 20 to 200,000 Lux (20 to 20,000 ft candles)
  • Measures the maximum light level
  • Data hold by user push button command
  • Maximum hold to capture highest level
  • Data hold to capture results at any time
  • Light weight and compact size aid general use
  • Analog dc output signal to feed linked chart recorder or data logger for permanent recording over time

Part number 129004 standard model includes –

  • Zero adjustment
  • Data hold function
  • Maximum hold function