The CEL-246 Digital Logging 

Integrating Sound Level Meter


The CEL-246 is a simple integrating sound level meter that is ideal for use in many situations where a quick idea of the current noise level is needed. It features 2 ranges from 30 to 100 db and 60 to 130 db and provides the standardized A and C broadband frequency weightings required by many protocols. The CEL-246 also has the Slow, Fast and Impulse time responses. A maximum hold function with a user reset is available to capture the highest level of noise to give a “worst case” measurement if needed. Results are displayed on a graphic LCD in either alpha numeric format or as a scrolling time history with either 1 or 5 minutes time history graph so that recent peaks and troughs may be viewed. Calibration is as simple as placing the calibrator over the microphone and switching it on. As soon as the calibration tone is steady it is automatically detected by the CEL-246 and the user is offered the choice of performing the calibration with a single button press. There is no need to use old fashioned screwdrivers that may get lost as the calibration takes just 5 seconds and is very easy to perform.

The CEL-246 adds on board storage capability at fixed 1, 2, 5 or 10 second intervals of the average sound level with the selected frequency weighting and time response and exchange rate to provide a low cost data logging instrument. Up to 99 runs can be stored each of up to 18 hours maximum continuous run time at the 1 second rate or more than 7 days at the 10 second rate. All runs are stored in memory tagged with the start date and time using the meter’s real time clock so they can be correctly identified when the unit is connected to a computer.

The CEL-246 is provided with a standard quarter inch socket so that it can be mounted on a tripod or other similar fixtures in a secure manner. A small foam windscreen provided as a standard accessory protects the microphone from wind induced errors when making measurements and a wrist strap minimizes the risk that the meter will not be dropped when in use. Analog ac and optional dc outputs are available to connect the CEL-246 to other pieces of equipment and a low power digital output is also provided through the USB interface which can also be used to power the meter if required.

A standard CEL-246 sound level meter is supplied complete with its fixed microphone, 3 x AA batteries, foam windscreen and wrist strap. Operating instructions for the meter are provided on a cdrom and an individual calibration certificate completes the package. The CEL-246 is covered by a 24 month warranty for peace of mind and full recalibration facilities are available from our NIST traceable service department.

CEL-246/K1 measurement kit includes all the above items plus a CEL-120/2 single level acoustic calibrator and a small kit case to store the unit.