The CEL-63X series

Wide Range Integrating

Real Time Analyzer


The CEL-63X series includes the CEL-630CEL-631CEL-632 and the CEL-633models with additional features compared to the similar CEL-62X series meters. One key addition in the CEL-63X series is the ability to remotely attach the microphone and preamplifier by means of a suitable extension cable. Another key advantage is the ability to specify a model with time history data logging  recording to collect noise samples at regular intervals during a measurement survey.


The CEL-63X series is a range of sound level meters designed to appeal to those users looking to do advanced noise studies in industrial noise or environmental noise situations or to investigate specific noisy products with a view to controlling the noise output to meet mandated limits.

The CEL-63X series is available to satisfy both the ANSI/IEC type 1 and Type 2 accuracy classifications by the choice of the appropriate microphone capsule. Both of the standard half inch diameter microphones give the CEL-63X series a single wide measurement range from 20 to 140 dB without the need to change ranges. This will greatly simplify the collection of results since it removes the requirment to select the right range before starting to record the changing noise levels.

Three models are available designated as A, B and C versions. These differ in the amount of detail they are able to display as far as the frequency content of the noise is concerned. A version meters provide the overall broadband results with the A, C and Z (unweighted) channel for all measurements. B version meters add the capability to record 11 simultaneous octave bands from 16 Hz to 16 kHz while the C version models add 33 third octave band measurements from 12.5 Hz to 20 kHz.

All the CEL-63X meters measure with the Slow, Fast, Impulse and Peak responses simultaneously and calculate the time average noise level with the 3, 4 and 5 dB exchange rates in every run. The maximum, minimum and time average noise levels are calculated and stored for all measurements with all the valid combinations of frequency weightings and time responses so that the user will always have a full picture of what happened without having to be concerned about the correct setup configuration to use for a specific measurement. Measurements can be paused to remove unwanted noises from a survey and up to 99 separate measurements can be saved into the memory of the meter for later download to computer.

All results are viewed on the high resolution quarter VGA LCD that uses color as an indicator to guide the new (or experienced) user through the measurement procedure. A backlight function allows viewing the meter display even in very low light levels and can be activated with a fixed timer or by a simple button press. Color bars at the top and bottom of the screen indicate to the user which mode the meter is currently in for clarity and ease of use. Red means the instrument is in standby mode, green means running and collecting data and blue shows recalled answers from the memory.

Calibration is extremely easy too and virtually foolproof. Simply place the calibrator over the microphone and switch on, the meter will recognize the tone and prompt the user to accept or decline the calibration. Press the accept button to acknowledge the calibrator signal and the meter adjusts to the correct level and stores the fact for inclusion in the following measurements. Pre and post measurement calibration can be carried out too.

Run results can be stored for later retrieval by the user using the integral high speed USB interface. Measurement files can be read using the CEL-63X plug-in which is available for the Casella Insight Database Management Software. Results that include audio files where they have been captured can be downloaded so that results from the sound level meter and CEL noise dosimeters can be integrated into a single comprehensive report for management use if required.

The CEL-63X meters can be powered from an external 12 Vdc source such as a mains supply or car battery for extended measurements and an ac (or optional dc) output signal is available to feed other recording instruments if required

Included in a CEL-63X instrument

  • CEL-63XWide range integrating sound level meter includes a set of 3 x AA batteries for up to 10 hours use, a wrist strap and a USB connection cable to computer. A calibration and conformance certificate is provided for all meters in the series.

Included in a CEL-63X instrument kit

  • The standardCEL-63X/K1 sound level meter kit includes the required meter (CEL-63X.A1 or 2CEL-63X.B1 or 2 orCEL-63X.C1 or 2 meter and microphone) plus a matching acoustic calibrator in a small foam lined kit case with a copy of the Casella Insight software.
  • The advancedCEL-63X/K2 kit includes a slightly larger attache kit case plus a portable printer and cable for on site printout of the measured noise results.