GFA Filters


Often referred to as depth filters, these are ideal for general gravimetric air sampling and analysis. Available un-weighed or pre-weighed. Use for dusts when no further analysis is required.
• Low cost
• Low pressure drop
• No electrostatic problems
• Fastest flow rate
• High load capacity
• Retention of particles to sub-micron size
• Temperature range up to 500 deg C
• Free of binders or additives

MCE Filters


These filters are suitable for further analysis other than gravimetric. They are primarily used for air sampling of metals and fibers (eg. Asbestos). MCE is stronger than GFA so it is ideal when further post analysis is required other than weighing.
• Very low in contaminants
• Available in a range of pore sizes
• Hydrophilic
• Economical membrane for air monitoring applications
• Dissolves completely using standard digestion procedures
• Clears completely giving minimal interference in fiber counting

Silver Filters


Made from almost pure silver these filters can be cleaned and reused for economical air sampling.
• 99.9% pure silver
• High temperature resistance
• High chemical resistance
• Smooth surface for particle capture and easy observation

PTFE Filters

These filters are free of impurities and resistant to corrosive substances such as acids, so can be used in these types of environment.
• Strong, chemically resistant membranes for air monitoring and sampling in aggressive environments.
• Low chemical background permits highly sensitive, interference free determinations.
• Low tare mass for accurate gravimetric determinations.
• Ideal for filtration of gas and/or inorganic solvents.

PVC Filters (Plain White)

Top quality filters for measuring dust, silica and chromium. There is a low tare weight so a lower sample weight is required and they have a low moisture absorption.
• Pure homopolymer PVC
• Low moisture pickup and low tare weight giving good gravimetric stability
• Low ash, provides interference free silica determinations.

Quartz and Tissue quartz Filters

These quartz filters are heat treated for improved chemical purity which gives superior quality for trace level comparison. 
• High temperature use for analysis of acidic gases and stack sampling aerosols
• High flow rate and filtration efficiency
• Ultra-pure soft water processing to reduce residual ion content
• Can be used for high temperature and and hot gas air monitoring applications
• Ideal for diesel and other emissions testing required by environmental regulatory agencies
• Binder free
• Superior quality for trace level comparison.Top of Form

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