• The dBadge Noise Dosimeter measures and logs all workplace noise
  • 28 hour battery life, fully charges in 90 minutes
  • Intrinsically safe models of the dBadge Noise Dosimeter are available for use in hazardous atmospheres
  • 45

The dBadge Noise Dosimeter Series comprises the dBadge and dBadge ‘Plus’. The world’s first all-digital badge style Noise Dosimeter, it is cable free and small enough to not interfere with day to day work. Connectable to a PC using an infra-red cable all data can be downloaded, analysed and reported using Insight data management software.

The dBadge Noise Dosimeter Series can easily be calibrated on site without delay or interruption using the 120 Series Calibrator.

Key Features

  • Compact, rugged design dBadge Noise Dosimeter weighs only 71g making it unobtrusive & comfortable to wear
  • No cables to damage or get in the way
  • Integrated display and visual exposure alarm so you can see at a glance if the wearer has exceeded any Action Levels whilst in operation
  • Simple auto-calibration function completed in 5 seconds thus minimising downtime & ensuring accuracy
  • Comprehensive software package for reporting
  • ’Pro’ mode displays dose and projected dose values
  • Countdown run duration timers so you don’t have to be there to stop the dBadge Noise Dosimeter once the wearer’s shift has ended
  • Simultaneous ‘C’ and ‘A’ weighted measurements on the dBadge Noise Dosimeter ‘Plus’ needed for the HML Calculation to specify the correct ear defenders