The San++ Automated Wet Chemistry Analyzer also known as Continuous Flow Analyzer has been designed as a modular system to meet the needs of laboratories which process a few samples or large volumes of samples. Based on the Continuous Flow Analysis (CFA) or also called Segemented Flow Analysis (SFA) technique, up to 16 analytical measurements can be made on a single sample simultaneously. With the addition of rinsing valves and software the San++ system can automate; start-up, shut-down, dilutions, re-runs, clean-up, and raw data storage.

Skalar, the world leader in wet chemistry technology, offers over 300 proven applications utilizing various combinations of automatic dilutions, additions, mixing, heating, dialysis, extractions, distillation, digestion, phase-separation, hydrolysis, ion-exchange/reduction and more. Skalar has developed a proven systematic approach to provide a quality system starting with complete applications engineered on customer samples to provide the best possible configuration to the customer needs and requirements, training and installation by qualified specialists and complete application and service support.


The Skalar range of San++ samplers offers for each routine laboratory and application the perfect match saving operators time and errors. With the unique automatic standard preparation and over range dilution facility, high workloads are fully automatically analyzed outside working hours, without any operator supervision.

Skalar Samplers offer the highest degree of automation available today with:

  • Real Automatic pre- and post dilution runs
  • Full automatic standard preparation
  • Random access
  • Automatic multiple range operation
  • Built in rinse pump
  • Customized sample containers and racks
  • Automatic barcode reader
  • Multiple sample probes
  • Extended operation outside working hours with automatic start up and shut down
  • Full analyzer control
1100/1150 Sampler

The SA1100 and SA1150 samplers accommodate up to 2 x 50 sample positions, with built in rinse pump. Optionally, 10 dedicated standard positions are available for working standards. Furthermore, they can be equipped with a second needle for dual needle sample pick-up and extended sample positions (up to 100 positions). The samplers are random access and computer controlled, the SA 1150 sampler is extended with a soft keypad to run in or computer or manual control mode.

1050 Sampler

Computer controlled RØZ sampler, series 1050, for up to 140 samples with separated standard and QC sample positions, built in rinse pump, optional automatic diluter station for automatic pre- and post run dilutions, and automatic standard preparation, with optional dual sample pick up (SA 1053) and optional stirrer.

1074 Sampler

Computer controlled XYZ sampler series 1074, for 300 samples, with separate positions for standards and QC samples, with container volumes of 35 mL. Build in rinsing pump. Optional automatic diluter station for automatic pre- and post run dilutions and automatic standard preparation, Extendable with 2 to 4 needles for simultaneous sample pick up with different matrices, with optional stirrer and automatic bar code reader and customized sampler container racks also available with larger footprint for more then 300 samples.

1075 Sampler

The SA1075 Random Access auto sampler carries standard 576 sample positions, divided over 6 racks of 96 samples each. In addition, there are 26 positions available in a separate tray for working standards, QC samples and drift control samples, with container volumes of 35 ml. Extendable with 2 to 4 needles for simultaneous sample pick up with different matrices. Optional automatic diluter station for automatic pre- and post run dilutions and automatic standard preparation.


The Skalar San++ range of detectors comprises digital dual channel colorimetric detectors, the unique digital matrix correction detector with automatic background correction for specific sample matrixes, but also covers a range of detectors for I.R., UV, Fluorimetry, ISE, Flame Photometry, pH meter, Density meters, etc. The Skalar range of detectors covers all detectors required for the hundreds of Skalar field tested SFA applications available today.

Special features of the detectors for the San++ Continuous Flow Analyzer (CFA) are:

Compact design and software controllable

Allows the implementation of bubble gating

Easy access and no alignment of robust flow cells

Increased stability, sensitivity and auto-scaling by digital detectors

Automatic matrix and blank correction

Wide linear measuring range