CEL-712 Real Time Particulate Monitor

Casella CEL introduces the CEL-712 Microdust Pro™ monitor – a small, rugged hand-held instrument that measures concentration of inhalable and respirable dusts, aerosols or powders in real-time, for display on its high contrast color LCD. With a wide detection range (0.001 to 25,000 mg/m3 ) and full datalogging, it is an ideal tool for performing risk assessment in the workplace, analyzing process related dust emissions and performing plant-wide area surveys of dust or aerosol concentrations.

Casella is a pioneer in the use of this technology for process, environmental, industrial hygiene and safety engineering applications, and has delivered proven monitoring solutions to industries ranging across pharmaceutical, bio-test, chemical, quarrying, building material and many other sectors.

Whether used independently to measure material handling processes or to capture particulate releasing events (bag breaks, process vessel access, or loading/unloading operations for example) or paired with a cyclone, filter cassette and sample pump for size selective or gravimetric monitoring, the CEL-712 has a full range of capabilities for solving the toughest applications. Employing a laser diode based light-scattering sensor technology, the battery powered CEL-712 accepts material-specific correction factors and is easily field calibrated with its optical reference cell (included). The CEL-712 also provides proportional output voltage and data stream interfaces.


Key Features:

  • Wide measurement range from 0.001 to 250,000 mg/m3( 25g/m3)
  • Displays concentration levels with user -selectable time scale on live LCD display
  • Displays current, average and maximum values and real time scrolling graph of level
  • Detachable / extendable sensor probe can be located at dust source or in ductwork
  • Auto measurement ranging, or can be fixed by user for control output / alarm applications
  • Multi-language user interface with intuitive graphic icons
  • Laser-diode based forward light scattering sensor probe with on-site calibration function with included optical cell insert
  • Correlation factor for up to 4 specific dust types can be entered and recalled on-board the instrument by user
  • Huge time history data logging memory with storage of up to 500 separate measurement runs
  • 86,000+ data points saved in non-volatile memory
  • Logging interval selectable from 1s to 60m
  • Large, easy to read color display with backlight for use in low light areas
  • Customizable alarm limits with audible warning of excedance level, or can be used to activate external warning devices
  • External power from 12 Vdc source or USB for extended recording time
  • Runs up to 13 hours continuously from 3AA alkaline battery
  • Probe can be located up to 30ft (10m) from the instrument body with extension cable
  • Available as the ‘Dust Detective’ with wide selection of specific adaptors, filters and optional sampling pump (Tuff pump) in a very durable case for longer term and extreme condition monitoring