The all in one Titrator

This versatile titrator is suitable for a range of determinations making it ideal for simple titrations of most sample types. The simple ‘App’ style user interface reduces training time while increasing work speed and simplicity. iTitrate Intelligence’s guided set-up assists in method programming to ensure samples are tested consistently, regardless of operator, and with minimal effort. Eliminate manual calculations and documentation with a printer or EasyDirect™ Titration PC Software.


One Titrator for Many Needs

This versatile titrator is ready to carry out all your acid/base inflection point, pH endpoint or precipitation/redox indicative titrations. Be prepared for all basic titrations whatever your industry.

The EasyPlus Titrator is capable of performing titrations determined by:

  • pH endpoint titration in juice, wine, p- and m-value
  • Acid/base inflection/equivalence point titrations for free fatty acids in food and alkalinity etc..
  • Precipitation titrations, such as chloride in food or water and sulfides in oils.
  • Redox titrations, such as Vitamin C in beverages, and reducing sugar in wines, sulfite in water, etc..