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Ambient Air quality is a major and growing concern as it directly affects the health of mankind. Where cleaner Air contributes to a good health, the polluted Air is a serious threat to a good health. In order to keep check on Air Quality the need was felt to continuously monitor the ambient Air quality to know whether a geographical region or area is meeting the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for the target/criteria pollutants.

Ambient air monitoring is the systematic, long-term assessment of pollutant levels by measuring the quantity and types of certain pollutants in the surrounding, outdoor air.

We at MULTITECH have the most rugged and accurate AAQMS at quite an affordable rates for our Industrial users as well as Research Institutions, utility Sector etc. Additionally, our sensor-based systems have capabilities of up to 30 various environmental parameters. Our environmental monitoring systems measure all critical parameters like particulate matter, gaseous pollutants, odourful toxic gases, and meteorological parameters.

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Our Products

Our organization is engaged in manufacturing, exporting, supplying, trading and importing a wide range of cosmetic product such as Turbidity Meter, pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, Spectrophotometer, Indoor Air Quality Monitor, Air Velocity Meter, Lux Meter, Sound Level Meter, Microbial Air Sampler, Cleaning Validation Swabs, Rh Temp Data Logger and Weighing Balances. These products are highly admired in the market for their top performance. All our products are based on cutting edge tools and techniques and have vast industrial applications.

Environmental Chamber

Protect samples by controlling light, humidity, air pressure, and gas with environmental chambers. Available in multiple capacities, these enclosures are ideal for drug stability studies

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Micro Centrifuges

Microcentrifuges are designed for use with small sample sizes such as microtubes. Compact-footprint centrifuges are ideal for microfilter cell separations and HPLC samples.

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Vacuum Oven

Carry out daily laboratory work with Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ General Protocol Ovens, featuring temperature uniformity, easy settings and low energy consumption.

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Merlin Recirculating Chiller

Save valuable space with compact, Thermo Scientific™ Merlin Low-Temperature Refrigerated Chillers. These extended-temperature chillers deliver a continuous

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Box/Benchtop/Muffle Furnace

Temperature Range : 100 to 1500Deg.Celcius • Digital single setpoint temperature control • Dual display shows actual temperature and setpoint

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Heratherm Microbiological Incubator

Heratherm® microbiological incubators are available in four different models, providing three

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Environmental testing is a necessary process for any business that hopes to be successful. By finding flaws and weaknesses before a product reaches the public, a company can save money on fixes and enjoy a reputation for quality. It can offer a better warranty and feel confident that it will not face high reimbursement costs. The long hours and expenses put into environmental testing are an investment worth your while.

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It is a general mindset that a worker or employee has to necessarily work in a hazardous conditions inside an industry with extreme noise, heat , dust , Acidic Fumes & Vapors etc. and finally falling prey to many occupational diseases .

Work Area or Occupational air monitoring is the monitoring of indoor air in the vicinity of the workspace of staff. There are strict legal limits on the concentration of above air borne contaminants/pollutants as these can lead to serious health problems among the workers. There are many National & International compliance which industries need to meet to ensure a safe & Healthy work Area free from pollutants. In order to maintain a Good Industrial Hygiene the Industries need to regularly take up the following monitoring activities:

  • 1. Work Area & personal Monitoring for Dust
  • 2. Work area & Personal Monitoring for Noise
  • 3. Work Area & personal monitoring for Heat stress
  • 4. Combustible/ Toxic Gases, Acidic Fumes/ Vapors etc.

We offer a vast range of Occupational Health & Safety monitoring instruments who meet all the international standards.

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Metal & Alloy Analysis

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is a fast and non-destructive testing (NDT) method for verifying the chemical composition of metals and alloys. PMI can be used to verify that supplied materials conform to the proper standards and specifications. Positive material identification (PMI) is used to analyse and identify material grade and alloy composition for quality and safety control. A rapid, non-destructive method, positive material identification is performed on a wide range of components and assets, and provides a semi-quantitative chemical analysis.

  • XL2 100G – The basic entry level machine which analyze the elements Ti-Bi
  • XL2PLUS – The Mid-level machine which analyze from Mg-U
  • XL3t 950 – The advanced variant which is used for Coating thickness, RoHS , Soil, Ores/Minerals analysis application besides General metal Analysis
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Automotive & Mining

Oil Condition Monitoring - Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) is a crucial element of any predictive maintenance schedule. OCM includes measuring, monitoring and analyzing changes in lubricant and fuel oils for contamination and chemical content, and tracking degradation in oil quality from new to end-of-life.

With consistent oil testing, small issues can be identified and dealt with before they become big problems. Certain types of wear in specific areas of the equipment are detected through oil analysis. Issues with the filtration system, such as combustion soot contamination, can also be identified.

We offer state of the art Oil Condition monitoring systems for Automotive & heavy Earth Movers inside a Mine